Must-read article on friends buying property together — from the New York Times

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This is a must read. Buying real estate with other people can be great – Cynthia Creasey has often thought about buying a small apartment building with friends to retire in!

When Friends Buy Homes Together

Having bought a fixer-upper together in Springfield, N.J., from left, Chris Sorrentino, 25, Marc Aschoff, 25, Michael Carbonara, 26, and Michael Zonin, 25, discuss plans for its renovation. Credit Jacqueline Mia Foster for The New York Times

Image by Jacqueline Mia Foster from the New York Times website

“We realized we can get a better space if we buy together,” she said. “The apartments priced at what we’re each getting our units for were like tiny boxes. It was startling, the difference in the quality of what we could get. So very quickly we said we’re open to it.”Source: Ronnie Koenig of the New York Times