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Cynthia Creasey - REALTOR, BrokerCynthia Creasey


Cynthia is a past board member, committee leader and longtime member/supporter PlantAmnesty, an organization dedicated to promoting responsible arboreal practices. Or, in their words, “ending the senseless torture and mutilation of trees and shrubs due to mal-pruning!”

Even though she gave up her renowned garden in Ballard when she moved to Belltown, Cynthia is still very active in gardening and maintains a collection of garden planters for use in staging the decks, porches and patios of homes they list. She’s also on the Landscape and Architecture Committee at their condo home, tends a small garden at the Lake office with her professional gardener brother, and has a hummingbird garden on her condo deck.

Cynthia is also a long-time supporter of Seattle Tilth, a non-profit organic gardening and urban ecology organization; and Toxic-Free Future (formerly the Washington Toxics Association), dedicated to educating the public about toxic products and wastes in the environment and working towards eliminating them.

After receiving her BFA from Museum Art School in Portland (now Pacific Northwest College of Art), she went to Pratt Institute in Brooklyn to complete her MFA in sculpture.

From there, Cynthia and a fellow artist undertook a loft renovation on Chrystie Street off the Bowery; turning an abandoned shirt factory into three live/work spaces. It was here that Cynthia had an opportunity to develop and hone practical carpentry and design solution skills.

Since then, Cynthia has built condos, rehabilitated homes, and helped nice people buy and sell nice Seattle homes. Which is a pretty nice thing, after all.

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John "Mack" McCoyJohn "Mack" McCoy


Certified International Property Specialist®
Senior Real Estate Specialist®

Mack isn’t exactly what you’d call “active.” He does serve as a director of our condominium association, he’s an active contributor to the Zillow advice boards, he plays softball with the Smiling Potatoes of Death, and his (other) hobbies include writing songs, playing guitar and piano, and singing.

What Mack really is a “supporter.” A coach, actually. In 1982, he sponsored and coached a women’s softball team in New York, subsequently became a director of Women Athletes of New York; after coming to Seattle, he became a leading advocate of gender equality in co-ed softball in addition to playing on and coaching several teams.

Mack brings a New York sensibility to helping his clients buy and sell real estate. He only learned to drive after moving to Seattle (nobody drives there, it’s too crowded!), and loves walkable neighborhoods. He grew up living in apartments, and has an exceptional ability to size up a property for its livability.

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Together, they are strong supporters of . . .

Toxic-Free Future (formerly the Washington Toxics Association), dedicated to protecting health and the environment.

Washington Trails Association aims to protect public health and the environment by eliminating toxic pollution. WTC promotes alternatives, advocates policies, empowers communities, and educates people to create a healthy environment.

Seattle Audubon Society, which cultivates and leads a community that values and protects birds and the natural environment.

Puget Consumers Co-Op Natural Markets (PCC). Ever since our days as Central Co-op members, we have supported organic farmers and expansion of the organic and local food markets. In our view, organic food is the standard to measure wholesomeness; food that contains pesticides, rBGH is simply sub-standard; we reject “food” that is genetically-modified or produced in an unsustainable manner.